There is a list of people that I keep seeing in articles about this election. People who have been marginalized, put down, dismissed, abused, accosted, excluded, and discriminated against. The list goes like this: people of color, women, LGBTQ, and the disabled. You know who isn’t covered on that list? White men.
I get that the white male is tired of hearing how they get blamed for everything. Even though he’s a good guy, we keep pointing our fingers at him, and really he’s just a good guy. A nice guy. Just your average dude.

You are not on the list, white man. Not on it. Never have been. Never will be.

There won’t be a law put into place that interferes with your personal choices regarding healthcare. There won’t be a president who judges you for your penis size, believes they own you and your body, and feels like he can grab you whenever and however he chooses. You won’t be looked at as a rapist or a criminal because you are simply a white male. You won’t be mocked for the way you speak, walk, or move just because you are a white male.

You aren’t on the list.

Everyone else is on the list, so yeah. We are looking at you.

I am ridiculously fortunate to be surrounded by white men who get it. Ones that see their privilege even if they don’t like the word, and still want to make our community a better place for everyone. They are out there, but in a great minority.

So you, white men who stand with us? THAT’S your minority. That is the battle you have to fight. We fight it all the time. Everyday. Every single day. Our vaginas, our skin color, our sexual orientations, our different abilities – we fight the stigma every day. Your stigma is being the voice of compassion and change as a white male.
It’s a strange feeling, I can imagine, to be part of a small group of people who feel marginalized for being different.

And its awkward, I know, when someone tells you to sit down and be quiet. Only, I’m guessing that even with your progressive beliefs no one has actually told you that. I’ll let you in on a secret though, it sucks to be told to just be quiet. Calm down. Stay out of it. You don’t belong here. You don’t matter.

It’s scary to speak up. But here’s the thing. People will listen to you. You are a white male and people will listen to you. That is also your privilege, but here it can be a positive thing. You have a natural gift for being listened to, and for people believing that you are right without any real reason to do so. Of course, you, my wonderful white male friends who are in this special minority, ARE right, and people should be listening to you.

We need you. We need your voices to add to our own, and we are proud of you and what you believe. This should never have happened. We let it. All the white people did. The women too. Just because me and my vagina are on the list doesn’t mean that I get to stay silent either. Because so many people are on that list more than once, and my one mention in the list doesn’t exclude me from shouting the HELL NO’s that will be coming from my mouth from now until we see change.

Speak up. Use that power you were born with for good. So that my white boys can experience a world where the playing field is leveling out a little more all the time.

Next up? All you white women out there smug in your little worlds. We need to talk too.