Three years ago, I made a new friend. I didn’t know I was making a new friend, which is exactly one of the best ways to make a friend. KeAnne found this fireball of an almost new mama to be the show photographer for the first annual Listen to Your Mother: Raleigh-Durham. In the same way that I didn’t know I was making a new friend, we didn’t know that we had lucked into the best photographer we could have hoped for.

Aside from making our cast look amazing and giving us the best images ever to use in the production and documentation of our shows, Jess also captures families. I can’t say that she just takes pictures of families. That’s not at all accurate. Jess comes into your home, just as it is, and captures the moments of your life that you should be remembering. Breakfast. Playtime. Snuggles. All in the setting where you feel most comfortable. Home.

I can’t tell you how much these pictures mean to me. I can show you though. Then you’ll understand.