#konmari this, y’all.

I have a lot of stuff. There are ceramic and pottery bunnies hiding all over my bookshelves. Hiding, because they have to just squeeze their way in between the hundreds of books with which I will never part. Will I… Continue Reading →

A Tiny Nativity

I can only imagine that our youth director, Bill, sold the Session the idea as, “Just a tiny live Nativity. You know, with the kids.” Presbyterians vote on everything. Sometimes they even vote on whether or not to hold a… Continue Reading →

a day in our life

Three years ago, I made a new friend. I didn’t know I was making a new friend, which is exactly one of the best ways to make a friend. KeAnne found this fireball of an almost new mama to be… Continue Reading →

in case i forgot

Depression is a lying hag. Mine plays out in anger and anxiety most of the time, but every so often, I hit a spell where I feel like I have absolutely no friends and need 18 naps a day. In… Continue Reading →

salem college, part duex

A trip to Target these days just isn’t complete without purchasing something for Mallory to take to college. Something for her to take to college in ELEVEN days. It should have been 17 days, but she has decided to be… Continue Reading →

quite contrary

My grandfather had a large garden behind their backyard. He grew tomatoes, cucumbers, squash, zucchini, corn, peppers, beans, and probably a list of other things I’m forgetting. During the summer, he smelled of sweat, saw dust, and tomato plants. It… Continue Reading →


It happened so fast. Rachael and I were cleaning up lunch at a table a little further from the pool than I normally sit. The boys had asked to go back into the water, and I told them it was… Continue Reading →

fresh starts

Eight years ago I was packing a suitcase. It held a white skirt with rows of buttons down the hem and two choices of white shirts. My Birkenstocks were neatly stowed in a pocket, shielding my creek side bridal wear… Continue Reading →

my many many thanks to my dear friend Gail for getting me started on design for a new space. she’s the best.

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